Monday, September 24, 2007

Proud of my boy

Taylor has been playing for a football team for a while, about 18 months now. They've never played in a league before, this is their first time. The team is made up of mixed year groups, under 9's and under 10's(Taylor falls in the under 9's category, as he's 8), so they are having to play in an under 10's league. It's tough, and so far they've been thrashed every game by at least nine goals. Taylor ended up in goal a few weeks ago and did a really good job, so they've asked him to be their goalkeeper full time. I'm a bit sad for him, he's an excellent midfielder and they really need him on the pitch too, but he can't be in two places at once and he is happy in goal. Last week, the score was 8-2, and they only scored because Taylor did two huge goal kicks into the opposing box, a striker picked it up and scored. This week, the score was 5-1, the whole team looked like they knew what they were doing, and it was actually exciting to watch them. Taylor did such a good job, that he won Man of the Match, bless him!


Thursday said...

Uber-cute kid.

Laney said...

Looks can be deceptive. He is cute, but he's also a daydreamer and a slowcoach and exceptionally frustrating. :D