Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Garden confessional

I must confess my sins. I haven't weeded the vegetable patch for 4 weeks. It's getting pretty scary out there.

I did it before we went away, and I haven't bothered since. My tomatoes are nearly finished now, so the creeper that is working it's way up each stem doesn't really matter, does it? I've pulled all my onions, so the chickweed taking over that row isn't too much of a problem. My lettuce and rocket have gone to seed, but I want to dry them for next year and save myself some money on seed packets, if I can.
This week we've eaten leek, onions, spring onions, tomatoes and the best of all, sweetcorn. Although the amount of cobs is rubbish due to the lack of sun(12 formed, but only 4 have grown to edible size), the two we had the other day were divine. I'll be growing them again, that's for sure.

What's left of our onions. We've eaten the rest already.

Gargantuan Lettuce

Pretty Rocket flowers

I'm already planning next year. I don't think we'll be moving before this time next year so I may as well make the most of the garden while I can and plant next year. I wasn't going to but I know I'd just be miserable without my veg. :(


Dan said...

oooh very nice ;) At least with you drying out your own seeds if you DO move, then you can take them with you.

We're finally starting to get some life into our garden - taken us long enough, but we're trying our damnest to get *something* to grow that isn't a nettle, thistle, or that creeper that kills everything. We've got some california poppies that do well (sent from california no less!), but half the back garden has been given up to the knotweed!

Thursday said...

Dan Calinfornian poppies are ACE. If you've got Japanese knotweed, MOVE HOUSE.