Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Next years holiday

Already, I hear you cry!

Well, we haven't had any holidays at all for the last 6 years, mainly due to Ryan's Mum getting so much maintenance for all that time, so we thought that we should make up for lost time and spoil ourselves. We've got the Caribbean bug.

One of the couples that came with us to Jamaica realised that they couldn't face going to Europe in 2008, once you've had Caribbean you can't go anywhere else you see, and then loads of people started coming out of the woodwork saying they wanted to go too. We were a bit reticent at first, we had 18 months to pay for the last one, and will only have 10 months to pay for this one. However, Pete has a full time job now so our income has doubled, and we wont have a wedding or my Mum to pay for. So, we are going for it!

We should be booking tomorrow for the Iberostar Dominicana in the Dominican Republic, once the whole party of eighteen people have confirmed. There is only one small problem...

I feel a little strange this week, a bit off colour, and it will be just my luck that I'm pregnant. There is only one way to convey how I'd feel about that:


Dan said...

wow, you jet setters you ;)
And if it helps, I feel icky as well, so either I am preggers, it it's just the crappy weather!

Of course, I hope I AM preggers - I'd make a fortune!

Laney said...

Blimey Dan, we could be pregnancy buddies! How exciting...hehehehe.

Thursday said...

So, as well as amazing me with all that you do, i.e. job, run house, kids, go out socialising, grow your own vegetables, you're now becoming highly cosmopolitan. *Sigh*.

Laney said...

When you list it like that, I do quite a lot. I need a payrise! To be honest, I'm a lazy moo, my house is cluttered, and I never finish my projects. But lets not shatter your good impression of me as Wonderwoman!:D

Dan said...

I won't mention that you're often late to the school in the afternoon either ;)

And I think my beer baby will be with me for many many months - I suspect if you are preggers, you will pop before I do!