Saturday, February 05, 2011


Poor Isobel has never had a hobby because we've spent every spare minute and penny on football for the male members of the family for the last few years. We told her she could have a some money to choose a hobby, and with a little gentle persuasion from me she chose horseriding. It's a family tradition, we've all learnt to ride at some point.

Finding a good riding school here is tricky, they all seem so snooty and unfriendly when you look around, it is very offputting. I remember it being the same when I was a kid, when you found a good yard you stuck with it! We had a look round one just outside Wickford and it was just perfect, there were kids running around everywhere helping, and the owner was really approachable.

She had her first one last weekend and she loved it. She was a real natural, and was trotting round like a pro, and even did a little bit off the lead rein. We were all very impressed! My Mum has bought her a hat, jodhpurs and gloves ready for next time.

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