Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bloody Ebay!

The people on there get right on my nerves. Our massive new-ish plasma TV broke in the summer last year, we couldn't afford to fix it so it has just sat there mocking us blankly ever since. I listed it on Ebay for 99p, and someone won it for about £55. They mucked us about for two weeks, sending messages about collecting it, then no one would bother, so in the end I had to open an unpaid item thingamijig. It all worked out fine in the end as I relisted it and got £65 cash for it, but it annoyed me that there is now no way to give that dodgy buyer negative feedback, so they can just go on messing sellers around. Buggers. I had the same thing happen when I sold my moped on there.

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