Sunday, September 12, 2010


So, the children have all had their first full week back at school. Isobel has just gone up into the final year of infant school, so it wasn't a huge change for her, just a new teacher. The boys have both gone up a level though, Taylor to senior school and Ryan to college.

Taylor has already secured a place on the school football team and played his first match on Thursday against a local school. He's taken to the whole senior school thing like a duck to water and even did his first bit of homework, French, without causing a fuss during the week. He's had four pieces of work to do over the weekend and has done two already. This is the boy that would rip stuff up if it had a spelling mistake and cry for hours over homework, so I'm glad he's taking it all in his stride.

Ryan is taking a really tricky set of A levels and he appears to be loving it, although I think he's well aware that the novelty will wear off and the hard work will begin. He's doing Economics, Business, Philosophy and Politics, and we've been having some cracking debates with him at home about the stuff he's learnt. He seems to be actually learning stuff, shock horror!

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