Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Exam Results

Ryan had his GCSE results last week, he did very well considering he panicked right at the last minute and actually put some effort in. We were all very pleased for him and proud.

He'd already sat his English and Maths a year ago and got C's, but still needed 3 more C and above grades for college. He got C's in English Lit and Statistics and B's in PE and Media. Pete said he was being cocky when they went to get his results, saying he couldn't believe he'd done no work and still passed, so imagine his surprise when he went to enrol at college and they told him he couldn't do A Levels because his GCSE's weren't good enough! They were really bullying him into taking BTECs instead, which isn't what he wanted, so he had to get Pete to come in with him and beg for the A Level spaces. I think that might have taught him a bit of a lesson to be honest. Pete went in and told them that he'd sat two of them a year early and had only been at the school 2.5 years and they decided to let him enrol. He got in by the skin of his teeth. Hopefully he'll realise now that he needs to pull his finger out and do the work.

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