Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We went for a very brief walk at the weekend as both Pete and I have terrible colds. I've had mine for about two weeks now, I just can't seem to shift it and have been coughing for ages. We keep waking each other up at night having involuntary coughing fits, and of course the sleepless nights help with our general moods. In other words, we are being grumpy sods. The kids were all climbing the walls though, so we did the dutiful parent bit and went for a wander in the woods.

Shaggy parasols, Sloes for gin, Apples and Blackberries that swiftly went in a pie that afternoon, and some Plums which made a rather tart jam. Not bad for free!


Thursday said...

Cute little house! Feel better soon, both of you.

Laney said...

I know, isn't it adorable? It's called Holly Cottage and was moved in the 80's to a country park brick by brick because it was in the way of a motorway expansion.