Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day at the beach

Another manic busy week here. Nothing new there then. It's only going to get worse when I work fulltime...HELP. I start in three weeks. Prepare to never see me again.

Pete had an interview for a Youth Worker job on Monday, first time he's even been selected for interview for one and he really wanted the job. He was interviewed for four positions, and they called him on Thursday and offered him two of them! We are both very happy that the plans we put in place to get our dream jobs about two years ago have finally come together. A bit of determination gets you everywhere. It's only two evenings a week, but that's all he needs, seeing as he's going to be my little housewife from now on. :)

Ryan had his last official day of school this week too, where they all sign each others shirts and take lots of pictures. I remember it well. Can't believe I left the same school 14 years ago. He only has to go back for five exams now and he is done. I think he has two Media exams, PE, Statistics and English Lit. He has finished everything else already.

Taylor had his SATS tests this week too, which seemed to go well. He has a guided tour of his new senior school this week, as we missed all the open days earlier on in the year. I'm really excited for him as the school looks brilliant.

Pete was going to Wembley to watch Portsmouth in the FA Cup yesterday, so I decided to take the kids to the beach with a friend for the day, rather than sit around indoors. The weather wasn't great, thought it might be a washout at first, but I'm glad we went as it was lovely!

Kit wasn't sure about the sand at first;

All attempts at crabbing were unsuccessful. Our bacon clearly wasn't of the quality the crabs were accustomed to.

Kit really looks like both Ryan and Pete's Dad in this picture. Pete noticed it last night. He normally looks so much like me, we'd never noticed the other resemblances before.

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