Thursday, May 06, 2010

The big day

Well, today is the day that a third of the country who have bothered to register, go and vote. It beggars belief that often the people most helped by the government, those living in poverty, can't be bothered to register to vote. That will be my mission in the next few years, encouraging people to use what they've been given.

What they don't realise is if we wake up to a Tory government tomorrow, they are in big trouble. If they'd got up off their backsides and chosen to vote today, and voted for the party who actually gives a damn about them, then I wouldn't be sitting here worried. I've chosen a career in the social sector, as has my husband. We like being involved in the community, and will probably always be seeking out new projects that we are passionate about. One day, we'd quite like to set up a project or charity of our own together. If the Conservatives win tonight, most of these valuable projects, that encourage families to get better educated, eat healthily, care about their surroundings, care about each other, break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness for their children, they will all be cut. It makes me very sad.

I can remember all too well the last Tory government, the divide between the 'haves and the have-nots', the attitude that poor people are at fault for their misfortune-never mind that they were born poor and there is no escape. I can't believe the amount of public sector workers I've heard talking about voting for David Cameron. Do they not realise that their jobs are on the line here? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

This will be a very sad household tomorrow if what I fear becomes a reality. I am not just worried for my family and what the future will hold if we both lose our jobs, I am more worried about the children and families out there that really need help and support, and the disabled who need home care, and the homeless. We will be fine. They probably will not.


Dan said...

I still don't know what to do for the best... It's sad really. I know of at least three people that are actively looking at leaving the country based on the mess of UK Politics. It's all a bit surreal really.

Fingers crossed whatever happens, you lot remain safe, employed and able to carry on doing what you love :)


Kate said...

Looks like we're stuck with them again, at least for a while. It was a sad day, like you I was hoping they wouldn't get back in. Hopefully, their small number of seats will mean the other parties can put a stop to their more damaging plans.

Laney said...

That is what I am hoping for. I am being an ostrich and burying my head.