Friday, February 19, 2010

Half term - bit late!

Running a bit late posting this, but whats new! I'm not known for my time keeping.

We went to Wat Tyler on the Monday with Sam & Harvey, made birdhouses and let the kids run riot in the park. Spring has definitely sprung here now, it's been lovely to see a bit of sunshine and get washing dry outside.

On the Tuesday Taylor had some money from his birthday from his Dad, so he got to do his one true love - Karting! He was actually really bloody good. Shame we aren't rich and unable to afford his own kart, we could have the next Lewis Hamilton on our hands.

The rest of the week the kids ran wild, beating each other up, being messy - the usual.

Serious baby!

Ryan and Taylor both went to stay with various family members for a few days at the tail end of the week, so our food shopping bill was instantly halved. Which was nice.

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Kate said...

Love the photo of Serious Kit :-)

I agree, it is lovely to see some signs of Spring. We're a bit behind you up here, but it's still definitely on the way.