Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ryan took his bike test just over a week ago and passed easily, but then his brand new moped wouldn't start! We tried all sorts to get it going, and in the end my uncle came over for dinner on Sunday and tried a few tricks. Eventually it started, we still aren't sure what it was, but we think there must've been an airlock in the fuel pipe. The damp weather doesn't help, so we've had the wonderful inconvenience of it sitting in our hallway every evening, but at least it starts first time now. He fell off it and smashed his wing mirror too this week. Nothing too serious. I'm sure it won't be the last time he comes off. Thank goodness it started working as he started a new job, and its really out of the way with no public transport. He's loving the freedom, being able to nip round to his mates, or down town, plus it only takes him about 5 minutes to get to school now. Now that he's the cool kid with the bike, interested girls seem to be coming out of the woodwork too. I love seeing him grow up.

Not sure where we are on the moving house front. I haven't applied for any jobs in other towns just yet, we need to wait for Ryan to be nearer to sitting his exams first. It's all about the timing! Annoyingly, the rents seem to have gone up hugely in the last two months, which has kind of scuppered our plans a little. I've just applied for a job here, so obviously if I get that and I love it we will be staying local. It's all so frustrating. We really want to foster, and can't until we move, but the moving part is sooo hard.

I'm so glad that it's Sunday today, we took Taylor and Isobel to see Avatar 3d last night and I swear I could've curled up in the cinema and had a snooze. Kit was really grumpy on Wednesday, then when I was at work on Thursday he cried all day for Pete, so we drove miles away to see an emergency doctor that evening, who barely even looked at him and declared it a virus. Good old mothers intuition told me that wasn't right, he was really hot and kept pulling at his ears like he had an ear infection, then he was in bed with us all night with a really high temp screaming his head off. We had zero sleep, I was so knackered at work on Friday morning. I got him an appointment at our surgery on Friday(a miracle, appointments are like gold dust), Pete took him and straight away he spotted that he had tonsillitis and gave him anti biotics. I was ever so slightly annoyed that the emergency doctor hadn't picked up on it the night before, as the poor little mite had suffered all night for nothing. Twelve hours after taking his first dose he was better, though he's been grumpy again this morning.

I probably won't be on here much this month, I'm already a week behind on my coursework, and I have a pig of an essay due at the end of February. Wish me luck!

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