Saturday, May 30, 2009

Isobel's Party

The party ws a greaat success. I hate children's parties, they are my idea of hell on earth, so for me to enjoy it shows it must've been good fun! The children went straight out into the garden when they arrived and painted their own terracotta pot, then came inside and had their faces painted by me. Those two things took up at least an hour of the party and was a fab idea as they all really enjoyed themslves. We put the food out and they ate and played out in the garden, and stroked the Guinea pigs. They then filled their pots with earth and planted two sunflower seeds each. Then right at the end we had a butterfy pinata filed with confetti and sweeties which they all went nuts for.


Thursday said...

I still have a couple of pots that my niece and nephew painted when they were small and gave to me. They're now driving cars and one of them is studying fashion and design. Glad the party went well, it sounds lovely.

Laney said...

That's really sweet Thursday. Those kind of things you treasure forever.