Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Of course, being in Essex, we have been covered in the heavy snow today. The kids were up at 7am bouncing around with excitement, so I finally gave in and got them dressed and we were out snowball fighting with the neighbours by 8.30am.

We had a really lucky week this week, we went away for the weekend for a friends 40th birthday and went to a casino, where I walked away with winnings of £65, then I had my tax rebate through the post. It was supposed to go on clearing my overdraft, but I imagine it will now go on Taylor's birthday present and the pram for the baby.

My OU course is kicking my arse this week. I have an essay to be in on Thursday, I'm so behind with the coursework due to concentrating on the essay that I'm skipping huge great chunks of reading material, and I've been picked to be the team co-ordinator for the project that starts on Monday. The actual role of the co-ordinator isn't so bad, but my team mates are pretty useless to be honest. Only two of them are even online, the other three are AWOL. Major headache for me to organise. I wish I'd finished work earlier now so I could concentrate on it. I still have two weeks left in the office, by which time the damn project will be over.

Isobel started full time school last Monday, I can't believe how much she's enjoying it. She loves staying for lunch and says that she's having lots of fun. I'm very happy for her. I hated starting school, but both her and Taylor seem to love it. Not so sure about Ryan though, he's never enjoyed it much!

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