Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad blogger

I'm a bad blogger. I've been trying very hard to keep up with my coursework and essays, and failing quite miserably to keep up to date everywhere else, especially here. After a week of mad panic I got my assignment in on time (just!) the first week in January and finally got my mark back today - 76%, so it was much higher than I expected as I really did rush it and not put the required effort in. I am bad.

I'm 32 weeks pregnant now, we are counting down the weeks, and aren't ready for Kit's arrival at all. I have a nice round bump, and he doesn't give me too much grief(apart from my bad back groaning and complaining). He likes to bounce around in there, but must be running out of room now as he's firmly stuck head down and can't do his favourite trick of flipping around anymore. He gets stuck halfway! I'm at that stage now where a full eight hours sleep is pretty elusive, I'm tossing and turning all night. It's like trying to raise the Titanic. I keep reminding myself it's my body preparing for the hell of no sleep with a newborn. Can't wait for that!

It is such a lovely, sunny day today that I really ought to be outside digging and weeding ready for spring, but the lure of the Internet is keeping me inside. I've been out with Isobel the last two days to soft play, so the house has fallen down around us. It really needs cleaning today, and my laundry pile is about waist high. I met some online friends for the first time on Friday, we travelled all the way to south west London on the train and had a great time.
Group photo;

This is Molly, we've been chatting online for a few years now, mainly because she noticed how alike we looked and pointed it out. Well, it was even weirder meeting in the flesh. We are clearly related somewhere way back, it's just too freaky!

The kids are all good, messy and annoying as always, but still good. Taylor has just got home from his match and they won. They've won almost every game this season(only drawn one, no losses at all). Ryan has year 10 exams starting tomorrow, and no he hasn't finished his revision. You can't tell them though, can you? They always think they know best. I remember my teen years well. Let them make their own mistakes, with a little bit of guidance, that's what I say. He'll be annoyed with himself when he doesn't get good grades. His Mum still hasn't called him, after he begged her to put a bit of effort in and speak to him more. It's been 2.5 weeks, and nothing. Isobel started reception at school this week, but it's mornings only for now. Her first full time day is the 29th, so not long. She's loving it, and I will be too when she is there all day. I'll have 6 blissful weeks of child free nesting and being lazy. I also only have 12 days left in the office, that's if I still have a job by then. The grief we were having a few months back is coming to a head and is not looking good, so I may go back after my Maternity leave to a completely different department. I will cry. Lots.


Thursday said...

You're looking mighty fine Laney, mighty fine.

Laney said...

Thanks Thursday! I feel good considering how cumbersome it is carrying that lump around all day.

Some days are better than others - some days I want to stay horizontal all day, others I'm up cleaning, organising, doing work.

I'm having a lazy one today.

Kate said...

Yeah, you are looking really well! It must be tiring though, the last couple of months always are.

I can't believe how much you and Molly resemble each other - there must be a family connection there somewhere. I did a double take when i saw the photo of you both, it was like looking at 2 of you LOL