Friday, December 26, 2008

Over for another year

We had a wonderful day. Probably one of the best ever actually, we all really enjoyed it. Ate too much food and spent too much money, but it's once a year so what the hell. But I am going to inject this blog post with a little bit of negativity before I get on to the good stuff. I need a rant!

On Christmas Eve Ryan called his Mum because she has basically stopped calling him, as was predicted when they started speaking again back in April. Our phone bills shows that Ryan is spending £15 a month calling her, which she never reciprocates. That has to stop as she contributes no maintenance money at all to this house. Why should I go to work to pay that phone bill? The money she promised him every month? He now gets the odd tenner if he calls her and begs for it. Which is still more than he's had for the last three years, but still, why promise the poor lad something you can't stick to? Anyway, she hasn't called him for about 10 weeks. So he calls her up and she's driving back to her house, so he asks her to call him back, and she agrees. An hour passes, no call. Ryan gets the hump and takes himself off up to bed. Almost 48 hours have now passed and she still hasn't bothered. I guess she won't be winning mother of the year award.

My other annoyance is a bit petty really(I think?), and quite tough to convey with the written word, but it has annoyed me nonetheless. Taylor's Dad married his girlfriend of over ten years at the end of November. She still hasn't really got the hang of the whole "My partner has a child with another woman" thing. She is a nice enough woman, I have never had a problem with her and we get on fine, even in the beginning, but she has a problem with poor Taylor. She tries, but fails really. But being a stepparent is tough, I should know, so we forgive her. It is her Mum that I'm annoyed with really. At the wedding she walked up to Taylor and said "I'm your grandmother now". After ten years of her daughter struggling to play step mum to Taylor, now she can be his grandmother because they got married? Sorry love, you are ten years too late. Why has the wedding ring changed anything? Is Taylor suddenly more important in their little extended family because of the wedding? She should've been looking out for him all along. Anyway, she even bought him a present yesterday. In completely the wrong size. To me it feels like she has resigned herself to the role of 'Granny' after ten years of ignoring it. Am I being completely irrational? Is my view of this family lark skewed because my family have been so fantastic at taking Ryan under their wing? They all treat him like he is really mine, and always have. My Nan adored him, and my Mum and Uncle and Dad and stepmum all buy him gifts and send him cards. Pete's Mum and Dad too have always been great with Taylor. I guess I just don't understand it. *shrugs*

Back to the festivities, I didn't get much sleep Christmas Eve, so was completely knackered on the big day! The baby was dancing on my bladder at 4am so I got up and let Santa into the house(in other words sneaked their sacks into their bedrooms!). Goodness, that part stresses me out. Getting caught is my worst nightmare. I'm the same with the whole tooth fairy, coin under the pillow business. Then, I was up again at 5am to put the turkey on. I kept tossing and turning thinking about that damn turkey, then the kids woke up at 7.30am.

I was a naughty mama though, and hardly took any pictures. I was too busy. Isobel got a digital camera though, so I'll put her pictures up tomorrow. Here are the kids in the morning opening their sacks from Santa.

The dinner was brilliant, Pete's friend really enjoyed himself, and even better I got to have a snooze on the sofa for 20 minutes at about 4pm, which I NEVER do on Christmas day. When I woke up my Mum & Uncle had started cooking the evening buffet for me. I quite like being fat and pregnant and garnering sympathy. We all had a really lovely day. I usually get a bit of an anti-climatic feeling once it's all over, but didn't get that this year. It was just really good fun.

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