Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, Pete has the Flu, I have the lightweight version, and the kids are all just coughing and spluttering.

It's been a lazy week here, it's been lovely actually. I've done no coursework at all, naughty me, and we've been more or less bedridden. It's Pete's birthday today(happy birthday honey!), and we haven't even been able to celebrate that. He had a football team night out on Saturday to the Comedy Club that he had to miss, and we were going to have a meal out tonight which has fallen by the wayside too.

I've started planning the garden for next year, last year was a disaster-mainly due to the cat destroying all my seedlings with her rampant toileting habits. I'm buying a small poly tunnel to grow in, to try and keep her at bay, and hopefully extend my growing season. We are all out of homegrown grub now, so it would be nice to still have winter cabbages and stuff out there next year. It should make gardening with a small baby easier too, especially if the weather is bad. He can come out there with me. I'm 27 weeks pregnant now, still meandering along enjoying myself. I've got the usual complaints that I get, bad hips, terrible heartburn, but nothing that would ever stop me from loving every minute of it. Thirteen weeks to go.

We are almost ready for Christmas, only Ryan's big pressie and our grown up ones to buy now. Everything else is under the tree, getting inspected and rattled by the children regularly. I can't wait! I suppose I'd better start planning the food shopping lists, as we only have about 9 days to go.

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