Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Party in the middle of the sea

I’ve had such a busy week this week, it’s been mad. Every day has been appointments and birthday parties, and appointments to get the car MOT’d. I haven’t sat down and chilled out once this week.
We went to an amazing clubbing venue at the weekend, in Portsmouth. It was on Spitbank Fort, and some friends of ours were DJing. We travelled over on the boat to the fort, and being an architecture nut I was in my element wandering round the building. It was pretty cool.

Pete and his friend Rob, who he hasn't seen for 10 years. The joys of Facebook!

Me & Mike.

Louisa DJing.

Me & Fiona.

I finally got our passport renewals sent off this week, with only 27 days to go. I hope they come back in time. Can you believe my name change cost £72? Unbelievable! I’ve sorted out a pet sitter for the cat too, as the young girl next door who looks after her gets funny about cleaning out litter trays, and after two weeks it’ll be pretty disgusting. As it’s a very local pet sitter they’ve given me a discount and are only charging £30 for 14 days, instead of the normal £50. I suppose they are saving on petrol, and could probably walk here.

I’ve applied to do a BA/BSc (Honours) in Health and Social Care, sponsored through my work. I heard yesterday from the chief executives secretary and she said he’d signed it off with some very positive and supportive comments, saying that he supports my application and he agrees that it will be beneficial to the future of the Council for someone to gain this degree. I should hear from the training department in the next few weeks to give me the expenditure code to book and pay for it. Keep your fingers crossed for me; I hope that I get accepted. I’m so excited about it. My long term plan is to train in Social Work in ten years time, and this degree will not only get me promoted at work in the near future, but will mean I can do a shorter Social Work course in the future, once the kids have grown up.


Thursday said...

Fingers crossed!

Laney said...

Thanks Thursday! I should hear back soon. :D