Friday, July 11, 2008

10 more sleeps

So we only have ten more sleeps until we go to the Dominican Republic. I'm so excited now. Our new passports finally arrived this week, which meant I could start looking forward to it. I was so worried they wouldn't come. I've half packed, and we need to buy a few bits next weekend too.

It's been pretty busy here, we've been to the doctors for holiday vaccinations, which I was so sad I couldn't have, thanks to the ever-growing fraggle in my belly(note the sarcasm - I hate needles). We've also been to a fun-day at the school, I took a trip at work to see Joseph, Isobel had her first ever sports day today, and the boys have both recently had football presentations.
Ryan collecting his trophy;

Taylor showing off his trophy;

On a pregnancy note, no morning sickness yet, but I'm not complaining. You just know it's going to start the exact day we fly. Name negotiations have already started. This could take some time(thankfully we still have 34 weeks to argue about it).

On a not so cheerful note, we lost one of our close friends last week. We had a call at about 5pm to say he'd been rushed in with liver and pancreas failure and wouldn't make it through the night, and sadly he passed away later that night. We've since found out that he'd been to see his doctor with dizziness and blood sugar issues a few times recently and been ignored. Unfortunately the doctors made a huge mistake, because he had advanced Type II Diabetes, and his body went into ketoacidosis and shut down. Pete was only playing football with him on tour in Spain a few weeks ago.

Rest in peace Jamie. :(

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Dan said...

Back to the small-world-stuff again... I never knew Jamie, but he's Ruth's best friends brother.

Good luck watching everyone else have their jabs - such a hard life you lead ;) Well, till you start puking that is :D