Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Solstice, Legoland, and other things

The 21st of June was the Summer Solstice, and yet again I was too busy doing something else to go to Stonehenge. Bugger. Sadly you'll have to make do with the photo of the sunset over my estate, rather than sunrise at the standing stones. Not quite the same effect, is it? :D I was at the 65th birthday party of one of my clients at work. No prizes for guessing where I would rather have been.

The weekend before I did a trip with my work, which ended up being a very cheap day out for the whole family. My boss didn't sell all of the tickets, so my Mum, Pete and the three children all came with me and we all got into Legoland for the princely sum of £26. It should've cost £185, and is so not worth that. We still ended up spending another £40 on ice creams and drinks, so even with a packed lunch it wasn't cheap. Isobel was as daring as ever, and didn't even bat an eyelid on the roller coasters. Taylor wouldn't go on one until he was at least 6, so she's well on the way to being the adrenaline junky of the family.

The garden is coming along nicely, we've munched our way through a whole bed of lettuce, which has now flowered and been pulled up, to make way for the next lot of seedlings. We've eaten two meals worth of salad potatoes too. They weren't really ready yet, but the ones I'd bought in the shop looked grim and had gone green. The fresh ones were much nicer. I've also made two jars of strawberry jam, which is divine.

I'm at a four day First Aid training course this week, very boring. I did my first day today and it includes lots of very intense role playing, which I hate. I also have to do three assessments and an exam paper at the end. I am thankful in a small way, because I work with the elderly and have been there almost three years. With no first aid knowledge. Recipe for disaster really.


Thursday said...

I'm soooo far behind you with the vegetables. Some things are not looking so good (raspberies and strawberries although the strawberry plants are about four years old so no surprise there then). My tomatoes, which are outside as we're without the use of the greenhouse at the moment (long story) are looking a bit poorly too. Mind you, some things are looking OK like the potatoes which are growing well and just coming into flower.

Em's way said...

stonehenge is soo over rated ;) come to Avebury next year :D