Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Goodness, I really need to get motivated and get off this computer. I have a new friend coming over after school today with her children, and the house is a mess! She seems really lovely, hasn't lived here long and two of her children are in Isobel's and Taylor's classes. I'm dreading it a little bit, I wouldn't call it nerves as I don't really get them, but I find her quite hard to talk to because of her accent. Sounds terrible doesn't it? It isn't even because of where she comes from(she is from Africa), it's just me. I get like it with the Scottish, Mancunian, Welsh and Pakistani accents too. I was even like it in Jamaica. I stopped going to the bar after a few days and sent Pete instead because the staff were so friendly and would start talking to me and I wouldn't be able to understand them. It's so embarrassing. I'm sure we'll have a nice time today anyway. Not sure what's going on with the weather, the forecast says clear skies and 24 degrees, yet it's cloudy here. I wanted to get the paddling pool out.

We go on holiday in seven weeks, and it can't come quick enough. I still need to sort out our malaria medication and new passports for me and Taylor, so I'd better get cracking with that. We are starting to get excited now we are into single figures with the weekly countdown, we've been looking at photos of our resort in the Dominican Republic and checking out information on the country.

Ryan has had trouble at school again this week, honestly, he is just like his mother and he loves the drama. You'd think he'd learn to make better friends when he started there, ones that could be trusted. But no, he has to gravitate towards the popular crowd who end up kicking him while he's down. He just isn't cool enough for them, I wish he'd realise that and stop being such a try hard. *sigh*

We are all off to Legoland with my work on Saturday, a cheap day out with the kids as it would've cost well over a hundred pounds for us all normally. Isobel is counting down the days, she is so excited. The good news for her is she is just tall enough with her shoes on to get into the big kids rides. She is 110cm with her shoes on. Being a bit of a daredevil, she is desperate to go on the water rides and roller coasters, so I hope we can get her on.

I'll leave you with a few pictures I took this week over at the old school field. They are putting houses on this soon, work starts in the next few months, so I thought I'd make the most of the green space while I can.

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