Saturday, May 31, 2008

Half term

We had a great time out clubbing for my birthday last Saturday, one of the best birthdays I've ever had. I smiled all night. I still feel completely wiped out though, I don't like the getting older part much.

I didn't take my camera, it's too big, but I just pinched these off the website.

It has been half term here this week, which is lovely when it doesn't rain incessantly all day, every day. We've all been bored. We had to give the airshow a miss on Monday because it rained. Then, we went to an indoor play centre on Tuesday, and ironically the sun shone that day. I'm hoping to do something with the children this weekend. Ryan is surgically attached to his Xbox live, the new love of his life, and is lucky if he sees daylight at the moment. I got in from work today at 4pm, cleaned the whole house, cooked dinner and the rest of us ate. Then I spoke to my friend on the phone for 45 minutes, put Isobel to bed, and Ryan finally realised I was home at 8.30pm and asked me where his dinner was. Teenagers!

I sent an email to a lady I used to work with in another Council department today, about setting up a community garden. It's something I've been planning and talking about for a while and never really moving forward with. Not sure whether it will go ahead as we've also both applied for a few jobs that involve relocation. We'll just see how it pans out. I'm not really into planning our futures too heavily. I'll be very excited if my old colleague does come up with some ideas. She works in the Community Regeneration department, where I started my Council pen-pusher career seven years ago, and I bump into her quite a lot and we stop for a chat, so if anyone can help me it'll be her.

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