Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We are in big trouble, really, I can see no way out of this one.

We drove Ryan 150 miles to see his Mum Sian for the first time since October. She couldn't be bothered to travel to see him, so we gave in and said we'd take him just the once. Big mistake. The car decided it wanted to die while Pete was down there with the three kids, so family members had to drive them all home in two trips. The car was put into a garage, and the radiator has been fixed costing £150. The car still won't work, it now needs a head gasket, which will cost £400. We aren't sure if it's worth fixing, we may be throwing good money after bad and are thinking of scrapping the fucking thing. Our other immediate problem is that as the work has been done the mechanic wants the car off his property NOW. Pete is 150 miles away with no transport.

This is making Pete really depressed, because yet again his bitch of an ex wife has hurt us financially. This would never have happened if she had got off her lazy worthless arse and seen her son. Travelling down there was not our problem. Bitch. She has cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds as a family over the years, she's even ruined me financially and she's still fucking doing it! Argghh!!! We have nothing because of this woman, seriously. She lives on an island in a converted barn bought with our money, and we live on a council housing estate.

Sian's house in the distance:

The view from my window:

Bit of a difference there, hey?

I'm really worried about Pete, we have nowhere to turn to sort this out, and we know she is rubbing her hands together in glee over this. It just makes me feel sick.

Pete's job as an Area Manager means he has to travel around visiting his staff every day. He's pretty useless to his Senior Manager without a car. We can't buy a new car until payday on the 27th July, and even if we get one on credit before that with huge repayments it won't clear straight away. Add this to the fact that the £1000 bill for the deposit for the wedding just came in, and we are screwed.

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