Friday, June 23, 2006

Finally, I get a chance to finish my blog!
On the Saturday evening I met up with Lara and her friend Claire(yes, another one) for a few drinks. Then Lara and I went on to Polysexual at The Fridge in Brixton, and had an awesome night! We stayed for the afterparty, and didn't leave until 9am. Naughty girls!

I've been off sick from work for two days with a bug of some sort. I just feel so tired and washed out now, even cooking dinner exhausts me.

We tried Isobel in her bridesmaid dress ready for Lara & Robs wedding, she looked very sweet. Jake looked adorable in his outfit too. I can't post all the pictures as it might give too much away. ;)

Pete is really doing my head in talking about babies at the moment. I was really broody, but then we booked the wedding and I forgot all about it. I was really happy with what we have, I'm enjoying the freedom of no newborns, and definitely didn't want to take a newborn to Jamaica for the wedding. Then he started saying he was going to get the snip, he was even joking about it in front of friends which was a little inappropriate.
We talked about it a few nights ago and he was adamant he didn't want any more. I told him that I'm not willing to discuss it in depth until after the wedding, I'm happy as we are right now, but I may want more in the future. I just want that option, I'm only 26. I said that when you love someone you naturally want to have babies with them. We are such a happy family and I can't help wanting to create children within that. I get a little bit upset when I think that Isobel is the only one we can have together. We each had two children outside of this relationship, whom although we love very much weren't created in ideal situations. I just don't want this to be it. This much joy should be shared with more children. We honestly have so much fun together. Anyway, the next night he said he'd think about it. So the broodiness comes back. Argghhh! I'd not thought about it for ages. Why did he have to talk to me about it.

Then today he said that what I'd said really struck a nerve with him, and after the wedding we'd talk about it some more, and he may consider having another. I'm really happy with that. I may not even want any more, but I don't want those doors to be closed to us forever. For now I'm just enjoying the ones I have.

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