Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We got the new mortgage!

All our hardwork getting the house sorted(well, half-sorted) has paid off and we have been accepted for a decent mortgage with a reasonable interest rate, with smaller payments over a shorter term, which will make such a difference to us straight away. I'm so glad those 2am decorating marathons paid off! It should all be done downstairs by spring, then we need to decorate and re-carpet the upstairs, and we can finally rent this place out.

We went away for a much needed change of scenery at the beginning of November to my friend Deb's house. We took the two youngest children with us and left Ryan at home, where upon he proceeded to announce the free house to the whole town on Facebook. Thankfully only about 12 people turned up. Taylor went to his Nan's as we didn't think the journey of approximately three hours would agree with him, as he has a habit of getting carsick on long journeys. We stayed up in Sheffield for two night, and it was lovely to see my friend, and just to get out of the house for a bit really. We came back all full of the joys of spring.

Me, Deb and her sister Nikki.

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