Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ryan doing what he does best...causing trouble

It's all happening here, I think he's probably moving out to be honest as he is not prepared to behave like a decent person towards me and Pete or the other kids. He thinks he's the boss of us all and we just can't take it any more. He's buggered off to work now but I doubt he'll be back.

He started yet another row with me again. This has been happening multiple times a day, so much so that I now hide in my bedroom of an evening while pete is at work. He asks me questions, then argues really aggressively when I answer. He was going on and on about us moving, how he hates where we live, when can we move, why haven't we moved already, why do we have to live in such a shithole, surely we can afford somewhere else etc(we had the same conversation with him yesterday). I told him we can't move for two years and he was just so rude and condescending towards me. Pete told him off for being rude and he was doing his usual "If she talks to me like a cunt I'll do it back". Nice. I told him that he needed to treat me with respect in my own house, I'd taken him in and he can't even talk to me like a human being. I said it would be best for him to just not speak to me at all as he keeps starting these arguments, and if he can't do that he'll have to go, and he started getting really personal. It all came out that he's been telling Pete that I'm horrible to the kids in the evenings when he's at work, then all nice when he gets home(Pete asked the other kids and they said it was rubbish). The thing is, Ryan has been doing the same in reverse and telling me that when I'm at work Pete goes to bed all day and leaves Kit unsupervised, which I know isn't true as the house is tidy when I get home. He's doing it to split us up! How messed up is that?

His ego seriously needs taking down a peg or two. He needs to grow up a bit and realise that the world doesn't owe him anything, might make him realise a few home truths. :(

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