Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back on rainy English soil

We got home yesterday at about 10am, but the last 24 hours have been a haze of feeling like a zombie and getting washing done. The house is a pigsty, we are back to work tomorrow, and I feel firmly like I am living someone else's life. I am completely institutionalised to living in a Caribbean hotel, surrounded by sunshine and heat. Having to cook and clean is foreign to me. Oh how I wish it could carry on forever!
I realise that other peoples holiday photos are boring, so I'll save you from the 500 I took and only post a few.

The take off and landing on the way out were awful. Landing in Punta Cana scarred me for life and I now have a fear of flying. We banked round and flew parallel with a mountain at one point, the wings tipping from side to side. I was hoping for a calm one on the way home, but sadly it was worse. We had turbulence all across the Atlantic, and had to land in a thunderstorm. Quite a few people threw up. The kids all thought it was hilarious, of course. I never want to fly again, but I'm sure I'll change my mind. :)

Isobel with her girls:

Our house:


Isobel and Taylor with some feral puppies:

Sleeping by the pool:

The holiday was great, there was 19 of us so there was always someone around to have fun with. The three teenage girls we had with us all adored Isobel, and she thought she was one of them. We thought we'd booked four star, but when we got there we'd been upgraded to five, bonus! It was the longest holiday of my life, by the end I was bored, and loving every minute of it. Boring isn't something that happens at home. The scenery was beautiful, and I'm really missing the beach and the pool being back home.


Ria said...

Well like they say, there's no place like home. The holiday pics looks lovely :). Ive always wanted to go to the Dominican republic, maybe next time, my family and I should try that. We went to the Maldives Xmas 2006 and when I got home I got so depressed. But then again thats why its called a holiday.:)

Anonymous said...

so your kid love to play football ya??
same as me,, i do like so much..and that was a nice beach,,

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