Friday, April 11, 2008


...what else have we been up to this week, apart from the all encompassing kitchen remodel? On Saturday I tried out a lovely horse called Jasmine, who I was going to share two days a week. Things have possibly changed slightly since then, for the better, but more on that tomorrow as I'm back at the stables at 10am tomorrow to sort things out. I'm very excited!

On Monday I went to London with work to the Royal Academy, to see the Russian and French Masters paintings. It was very good, I really enjoyed it and got to see work by some of my favourite artists, and found new admiration for some I'd never paid much attention to before, namely Gauguin. There were a handful of his paintings of Tahiti, which were lovely. My favourite of all of them was Philip Maliavin's painting Dancing Peasant Women. It just looked like a mass of flowers, until you spotted the hidden face at the very top;

Guess who I got to bump into at the gallery? Only Ewan McGregor! He was behind me in the queue, and I recognised his voice and turned round. I didn't speak to him as he was with his children, but he smiled at me when he saw me staring...hehehe!

I've been off work the last two days as I've hurt my ankle, but hopefully I'll be able to walk a bit more on it tomorrow. Isobel has been very sweet the last few days, fussing over me loads. I took these pictures of her just now. She doesn't sit still for long so I have to pick my moments wisely.

The kitchen is done for the weekend now, we are just waiting for him to tile on Monday and lay the flooring on Tuesday and we are finished. I keep going out there and just staring at it. The patch of heathery-grey paint near the window is the colour it will be when it's finished.


Thursday said...

Laney, I LOVE your kitchen! Black and white are my favourite colours together. Great pics of Isobel.

dawny said...

hope you're feeling better soon.
can't see your pics , my pc acting up :(

dawny said...

the pics are working now , what lovely pics , what a lovely little angel she looks :)