Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Getting there

This was the progress yesterday when I got in from work. I couldn't believe how much he'd done. There were some really attractive samples of wallpaper from the 70's and 80's under there.

There has been more work done today, I now have a real cooker for the first time ever and a sink. Yay! Here are today's pictures.

Apparently, the council made a complete bodgejob of the previous kitchen, and our gas pipes weren't soldered and safe, and the electrics in the kitchen weren't earthed either, so we could've been killed at any minute. Nice.


Kate said...

You're making progress there! I can see why you prefer a real cooker. I have a separate hob and oven thing and I'm not keen.

"Apparently, the council made a complete bodgejob..."

No, surely not. Aren't council workers known for the incredibly high standard of their work. OK maybe not LOL

Bridget said...

The only good thing about having your kitchen done is that you can't cook tea, now fish and chips or chinese?!!

Thursday said...

That is seriously good progress! Looking mightily good.