Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Big Move

Well, that was stressful. I don't ever want to do that again. Eurgh!

The whole thing was so tiring though, and Kit didn't sleep the first two nights. He has refused to sleep in his cot(the one I wasted an hour rebuilding), so he's had a big transition of new house AND moving into a big boys bed. Think it was all a bit too much for him and he kept getting in bed with me, but we cracked it last night and he stayed in his room all night. :)

I've been doing really well emotionally, until Pete and I had a massive row yesterday whilst cleaning the old house, and ended up sobbing on each other, which sucked.

All in all the house is fabulous though, it feels more like home every day that passes, and looking out of those back windows out on that view makes it all worthwhile.

My room

Kit was up at 5am. Yikes!

Taylor's room

Bel & Kit's room

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