Saturday, October 16, 2010


I think I am either raising a genius, or a sociopath. Maybe he is both? An evil overlord or something. This picture just about sums him up really. A hilariously suspicious baby;

He laughs all the time, even if it is a little worryingly maniacal at times, but then he flashes from giggling to being completely deadpan and staring right deep into your eyes. He is so intense.

Taylor came home with a swollen eyebrow last week. When he told me the story, I wished I'd been there because it sounded seriously funny. He was on the bus, the driver braked too hard and Taylor shot forward. He fell down the steps in the middle of the bus and headbutted the bell. It dinged, and everyone on the bus laughed at him. One lady laughed so much she had a coughing fit.

The best thing? The bus driver heard the bell, stopped, and it was actually Taylor's stop!


Thursday said...

And this, this post, just demonstrates why you are such a great mum.

Dan said...

WHY can I see Stewie from Family Guy ;)

And must have been the week for buses... I had a run in with a wing mirror!

Laney said...

Dan, I'm sure his internal monologue is *exactly* like Stewies!

Thursday, I felt bad for laughing at him when he woke up with a nice black eye the next day. I am an evil parent!