Monday, April 19, 2010

New Job

About a week ago, on an email at work, I saw an advert for a secondment opportunity for one year, doing my dream job. It's basically what I'm doing my degree for. It was for a Family Intervention Support Worker, working with disadvantaged families who have been in trouble for anti-social behaviour, influencing them to make positive changes to their lives to improve their and especially their children's life chances. Seriously, it was my dream job.

I only had about an hour to do the application and I really didn't do myself justice, so when they called me a week later to ask me to come to an interview I was shocked. Fast forward to today, my interview was at 9am and I was in there for 45 minutes then had a written test too, seemed like I was there forever. I was interviewed first, then as I was doing my test in the room next door they were interviewing someone else and I could hear every word! She stumbled a lot and asked them to repeat questions a few times so I felt a bit more confident after that.

Well, they called me at 5pm to offer me the job! I wanted this job sooooo much, can't bloody wait to start now but have to wait for the crb check to come back(even though I have a valid one already dated Nov 09 - it's madness that they have to re-apply). Here is a link to the FIP project description, which says it better than I ever could.

Just got to pass my bike test in a week or so and buy a moped now, and even worse, I have to tell my manager that I'm leaving for a year...I am TERRIFIED.


Thursday said...

Oh very well done, very well done indeed.

Laney said...

Thanks Thursday. :) I am still in shock.

RaisinCookies said...

Congratulations! When it's meant to be, it'll happen! Good job. :)