Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back to work

I had my first two days back at the office this week, and it was okay.

Just okay.

Kit has decided that his already poor sleep patterns were not quite annoying enough, and has kept me up pretty much incessantly all week. I didn't want to leave him either really, he seems too little, but he was fine, and it is only two days a week.

The job has completely changed. It's horrible. All of the fun parts of the job are gone, my colleagues are still lovely, but the actual workload is awful, dull and unenjoyable. If I could take my coursework in and do that, I'd be happier. It's that desperate.

Speaking of coursework, I got a mark of 66% for the essay from hell, which is fine by me as I didn't even write my name on it(whoops), or add my references(duh!), and 40% is a pass, so I'm way over that.

Taylor is growing his hair at the moment, so I've just taken a photo to record the process. I've always had to shave it mega short as he has a cows lick at the front and a double crown which makes it stick up like a bog brush at the back, but just lately the texture(and colour!) has changed. It's gone brown, and got nice and silky, so he's growing it into a surfers shaggy hairstyle. It is already half way there, and so long compared to what he's used to;

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