Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I am so upset with my work. They have had my sponsorship forms to enrol on year two of my degree for over a month now. I've called four times to get them to sign it off, the final date came and went and I've managed to get two extensions from the university, people never call me back when they say they will...it's getting very frustrating. I finally got an answer today; it's been signed but now they have run out of money! So that's the end of that then. :( The training budget has all gone. They are trying to find funding elsewhere for me, but you just know I'll get a call next week giving me bad news. I can't believe it.


Thursday said...

This is terrible, make the biggest fuss you can - if they accepted your sponsorship forms, surely they had factored in the cost to sponsor you and should honour that.

Laney said...

The annoying this is it's only £675. I work for the council and pay them more than that myself in council tax!