Thursday, March 01, 2007

First Day at School

Both Dan and myself now have living physical proof that yes, there really are two living breathing people behind these persona's, and we aren't two crazy pathological liars hiding behind the safety of the Internet. I saw Dan, he saw me, and we exchanged a brief hello. I'm sure I'll have plenty more opportunities to annoy him in the future. :)
Taylor was a bit nervous this morning. I asked him if he was more nervous than all those times he's been up on stage saying lines and singing, and he said yes. That's pretty nervous if you ask me!

Pete and I took Isobel round to see some friends in their new house today. It was gorgeous, and it brought it home to us what we could have if we take the plunge and Pete at least applies for this job. The consultant won't even put Pete forward until he's seriously thought about the relocation aspect, so today, after much thought, he's gone for it. He may not even get an interview, but we had to consider every avenue before even applying as we can't waste their time.

At 3.05pm, Taylor came out of school with a smile on his face, and seemed full of beans. He said he'd made new friends, and that all the girls fancied him, so that's a start. He can't wait for tomorrow, as we're pushing the boat out and allowing him to have school dinners on a Friday each week. We're so tight normally, I begrudge paying £1.60 every day for school dinners.

Ryan had another call from his Mum's sister Mel last night. Mel spoke to Ryan once in the course of a year, and as soon as he stopped speaking to his Mum, Mel is on the phone every week for a chat. We all know she's being the messenger and reporting back to Sian. She keeps nagging Ryan about talking to his Mum, and fair play to him he sticks up for himself and tells her straight how horrible his Mum has been. Mel pushed her luck last night though and asked Ryan how he'd feel if his Mum suddenly died and he wasn't speaking to her. Firstly, the whole situation is none of her business, and secondly, she hasn't spoken to her own mother for years as she's such a bitch. Hypocrite anyone? Ryan actually said to her 'You don't talk to your Mum Mel, so you can't really lecture me'.

I might actually get a lay in tomorrow(I'm taking some spare annual leave this week), but I doubt it! I'm planning to get out and dig another vegetable bed tomorrow while the ground is wet, ready for my sweetcorn seeds.

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