Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tired Tuesday

I feel exhausted today. I've no idea why, I'm getting enough sleep.

Pete's Dad had his operation today, and as far as we know he was out by 11.30am but still unconscious. I suppose he's 50% of the way there, the recovery is just as risky as the op, so we can't relax just yet.

I've had Taylor's old school on the phone moaning today, trying to persuade me to send him back. They seem to think they can do something about 10-15 year 6 children that are bullying the younger kids. What can they do? Expel them all? We don't even know their names.


Dan said...

Your daughter even gets "Ahhhh" from Tam on the cute scale! hehe

What school are you sending them all to now? Don't you dare come invading on my turf!

Laney said...

I wouldn't dare invade your turf!! LOL

I don't want to mention the name on here(I bare my soul but won't name the kids schools!), but it begins with a G, and isn't that far from you in the other direction, towards Pitsea!

Don't be fooled by Queen Bels cuteness, she's a hooligan. The terrible two's is a misnomer, the terrible three's are heading our way, quickly!

Dan said...

hehehe you DO realise that the school Jaysen goes to is away from us towards Pitsea. I think I see a turf war coming on if the G-school you are going to is MY G-school that we go to!! It has a wonderful nursery attached, infants, and juniors.

Maybe I should pop in the office and start a rumour... "If you get an application from Mr & Mrs So-and-So, well, let me tell you all about them........"

And I dont believe you saying the madam is a madam. She looks sooo innocent ;)

Laney said...

Hahaha, maybe I will be invading your turf then. I thought Jaysen went to Fairhouse!!

Dan said...

hehehe Stay off my turf!!
And no, while we're in the catchment for Fairhouse, we heard all bad about it, while hearing all good about G.. The nursery was excellent for Jaysen, and Bethy was only in there for 2-3 weeks, and Tam is already signed up. Infants was great, and aside from some daftness in Juniors, it's all good thus far!

Best I get my crew tooled up to repel the Craylands Massive then ;)

Laney said...

Too late for that, the riff-raff next door(although they're lovely, they are rough!) sent their 4 kids there in September!

What year is Jaysen in?

Dan said...

Jaysen has only just gone up to Juniors (well, he went up last September) which I THINK makes him year three... But I still can't get my head around it! His teacher is Mrs Barkings, if that's any help ;)

While I tend to be "very on time" (which is smart-ass speak for "getting to the gate as the kids go in!") I am usually there early in the afternoon, so will hunt you down ;)

The teachers are mostly very nice, with a few spanners (apparently), but they are excellent when it comes to rules, anti-bullying and keep the parents informed.

If I see you tomorrow, I will have a waterballoon handy ;)

Assuming we're talking about the same G school with a colour :D

Laney said...

LOL, yep that's the one, definitely the one with the colour! You do realise they're in the same year, and there are only two classes. So there is a pretty big chance of them being in the same one. We haven't got a date through yet, but if he isn't back at school by Thursday I may sell him to the Gypsies!